NFA seeks government support

March 21, 2024 6:29 am

[File Photo]

The National Fire Authority will be seeking more funding from the government in the new budget to cover 25 percent of its operational expenses.

Chief Executive Puamau Sowane says that currently, they only receive capital project grants, while they generate close to $20 million annually for their operational budget on their own.

Sowane highlights the challenge of meeting day-to-day costs without sufficient government support.

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He also emphasizes that with government aid, NFA can enhance its capabilities in fire safety and emergency response.

“It’s like five million dollars that is the grant that we are looking for. So for NFA, if the government can give us the 25% of the operational cost, it will give us the leverage to utilize some of our operational costs to shift it towards other stuff.”

The local Government Ministry confirms that submissions are still under discussion.

It will then include the submission in the next budget.