Fight against gender violence continues

June 18, 2024 6:14 am

Minister for Women Lynda Tabuya says a Pacific zone of peace can be created when women and families are safe.

She highlighted this during the launch of phase two of the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

She says Fiji is at the forefront of addressing gender-based violence through a holistic and comprehensive approach.

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Tabuya also reiterated the government’s commitment to achieving tangible and substantive results for all Fijian women and girls.

She highlighted the importance of effective implementation and the support from the Pacific Partnership’s second phase over the next four years, particularly acknowledging the contributions of the Australian government and UN Women.

“Fiji is leading efforts to address gender-based violence holistically and comprehensively, aiming to stop it before it starts and to provide life-saving services through frontline service providers. We recognize that violence against Fijian women and girls of all diversities is not merely a series of isolated incidents but rather a reflection of systemic gender inequalities deeply embedded in our society.”

Tabuya acknowledged the persistently high rates of intimate partner violence, but she expressed optimism that with the implementation of the national action plan, these statistics will improve.