Father grateful to get new washroom

September 14, 2023 5:32 am

A father of five residing in Vadraiyawasewa, an informal settlement outside of Lautoka, is expressing his gratitude to the Sanitarium Health Food Company and ADRA for the construction of new toilets and bathrooms in his community.

This significant development marks a pivotal moment for the Siuesiue family and 15 other households in the settlement who have been relying on pit toilets for years.

Siuesiue shares his heartfelt sentiments about the life-changing transformation brought about by the newly constructed washrooms.

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Holding back his tears, he says to actually see the washroom constructed is a blessing for my family.

Siuesiue, who has been unable to walk due to an old injury that required surgery, now stays at home to care for his children while his wife sells their produce at the bustling Lautoka Market.

The Sanitarium Health Food Company, in collaboration with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), undertook the remarkable initiative to improve sanitation conditions in the Vadraiyawasewa Settlement.

Sanitarium Australia rep Andreas Nikakos says the experience will be something that he will cherish forever as the hospitality they received made them feel at home.

“They have just been so positive the people have been amazing as you can see, they are putting up an amazing traditional lunch for us today so the connection and the community coming together and working together has just been fantastic.”

Their team who are from New Zealand, China, Australia and the UK team worked tirelessly to construct ten modern toilets and bathrooms, providing essential facilities for the community.

Most residents in Vadraiyawasewa had been using pit toilets, a situation that posed health risks and discomfort for many years.

The partnership between the Sanitarium Health Food Company and ADRA is a shining example of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating how organizations can make a meaningful impact on the lives of marginalized communities.