Enhancing referral mechanism is critical: Tugi

February 11, 2024 12:51 pm

[Source: Psychology Magazine]

The Fiji Council of Churches has emphasized the vital need to improve referral mechanisms to address the escalating issues related to drug abuse that are adversely affecting the youth in Fiji.

In a recent drug consultation, FCC General Secretary Simione Tugi stressed the need to end the “look away syndrome” and speak out about drug users in local communities.

The General Secretary emphasized how important it is for people to expose and report both perpetrators and drug users.

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[FCC General Secretary Simione Tugi]

“You have a very important role in ID issues and problems. You can just call the police when you see something happening. Let the police come, and they will take over everything, but the problem in Fiji right now is silenced.”

Reverend Tugi feels there are too many paper solutions available, but they lack implementation, and the church must act now.

General Superintendent of the New Methodist Church, Pastor Atunaisa Vulaono, stressed the value of having a solution-oriented approach.

“I’ll speak on the solution because we are just talking about the problem, the problem, and the problem, and the solution is only Jesus. When somebody is in Christ, he is a new person. The old things have gone, and the new things will come.”

The FCC’s position highlights the significance of an integrated approach that incorporates outreach to the community, spiritual advice, and strong referral avenues.