Principals and teachers need open communication

September 28, 2023 6:27 am

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Principals should be providing feedback to teachers in terms of what they are delivering to the students.

While presenting at the Principals Conference, Ministry of Education Deputy Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, Timoci Bure emphasizes that this approach is pivotal in ensuring the continuous improvement of the education system.

Bure stresses the significance of open communication and constructive feedback between principals and teachers.

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He highlights that principals should actively engage in monitoring and evaluating what teachers deliver to their students.

This feedback, he states, is essential for teachers’ growth and for the betterment of the education system as a whole.

“Students enter the classroom. They need to know what is the new lesson im going to learn in this class and how can I use this new lesson or new knowledge to help improve my life and that’s a very question every student is to ask, and the teacher must provide the answers to this.”

Furthermore, Bure urges principals to play an active role in supporting teachers’ professional development.

He points out the importance of continuous learning for educators, as well as the responsibility of school leaders to facilitate this process. ”

Bure also cautioned principals against neglecting this aspect of service building within the education system.

The Deputy Secretary also recognizes the enthusiasm of many teachers entering the school system, describing them as “eager, passionate, and always looking forward to learning.”

Bure adds the role of principals in nurturing and harnessing this enthusiasm by providing opportunities for professional growth and development.