CWMH receives community-led cleanup amid neglect concerns

February 25, 2023 12:50 pm

Fijians from all walks of life carried out a major exterior cleanup of Fiji’s oldest hospital, the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, following years of neglect of the hospital’s infrastructure.

The main hospital’s deteriorating condition was brought to light after a media tour revealed the deplorable state of the building.

CWMH Board of Visitors, led by Doctor Esther Williams, expressed gratitude for the largest turnout ever recorded, which included individuals, organizations, companies, and government officials.

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“It’s really the Suva spirit, people are here just ready to come with their time and commitment and services to fix up the hospital and the board is very appreciative of their time and generosity.”

Doctor Williams emphasized the need for regular maintenance and upkeep to address the hospital’s long-standing issues.

The community-led cleanup marks the first of its kind in years, highlighting the public’s commitment to improving the CWM’s condition.