Robbery suspects mostly unemployed: ACP Driu

April 10, 2024 6:44 am

Chief of Operations ACP Livai Driu

The Fiji Police Force has observed an ongoing pattern in the recent spate of house break-ins and robberies, saying that the suspects are predominantly unemployed youths.

Chief of Operations ACP Livai Driu says these incidents are mainly reported from urban centers and informal settlements.

ACP Driu says the alleged house break-in suspects are mostly opportunists who do not have a proper income to sustain themselves.

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“These are people that are involved in all these illegal activities, such as housebreaking, and grab and run, and theft of motor vehicles. When we effect arrest on suspects, we’ll bring them into custody. These are the unemployed ones that are opportunists and they easily get arrested or put into our custody.”

ACP Driu says they are also not ruling out on the drug factor, as some of the youths are also caught peddling drugs.

However, he stresses that the public play an important role in their operations by providing intelligence.