Comprehensive solutions needed to confront sugar sector issues

May 10, 2024 12:19 pm

Acting Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka stresses the pressing need for comprehensive solutions to confront the challenges plaguing Fiji’s sugar sector.

Speaking at the Sugar Industry Workshop held in Lautoka, Gavoka calls for integration, cohesion, and unwavering determination to effect tangible change.

Addressing a diverse assembly of stakeholders, Gavoka highlights the gravity of the situation, acknowledging the multifaceted difficulties confronting sugar farmers across the nation.

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He says the workshop, convened as a platform for dialogue and collaboration, offers a pivotal opportunity for stakeholders to converge, exchange insights, and chart a collective path forward.

Gavoka emphasizes the significance of this forum in fostering synergy among industry players and facilitating the development of strategic initiatives to revitalize the sugar sector.

“However, it is imperative that we confront these challenges with determination and resolve. We must draw upon our collective wisdom, innovation, and resourcefulness to chart a path forward that ensures the sustainability and prosperity of our sugar industry for generations to come.”

The Acting Prime Minister also says the looming spectre of climate change has only exacerbated the situation, further compounding the difficulties faced by farmers.

While acknowledging the formidable challenges ahead, Gavoka is optimistic, reaffirming the imperative of confronting adversity with unwavering determination and resolve.