Collaborative efforts to improve child health

June 13, 2024 5:56 am

[Source: Humanium]

Severe pneumonia and neonatal illnesses remain the leading causes of child mortality in the country.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Doctor Jemesa Tudravu highlighted this during the Child Health in Fiji Partnership Planning Workshop.

The workshop marked the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and Cure Kids Fiji, focusing on two critical health priorities which is ensuring access to oxygen and controlling and preventing rheumatic heart disease.

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He says annually, over 200 children under the age of five succumb to these conditions.

He says adequate oxygen therapy is essential, as it reduces pneumonia-related fatalities by 35 percent and is crucial for treating other oxygen-dependent conditions.

Doctor Tudravu says the primary objective of the Fiji Oxygen Program has been to ensure standardized and sustained access to oxygen for patients at all levels of healthcare facilities across Fiji.

He says combined efforts to ensure access to oxygen and to control and prevent RHD are making a difference for our children.

He urged all stakeholders to maintain their commitment and momentum, as the programs are producing significant positive outcomes and enhancing the lives of those most in need.