Cabinet endorses review of Nursing Act

February 16, 2024 9:51 am

The Cabinet, following its meeting earlier this week, has endorsed the review of the Nursing Act 2010.

This law established the Fiji Nursing Council and provides for the registration of registered nurses, midwives, and certified nurse practitioners.

The Act also established the Fiji College of Nursing to coordinate and facilitate the continuing professional development of the nursing profession.

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However, the Health Ministry and the Council have over the years identified deficiencies in the Act that did not account for developments in the nursing profession.
There were also provisions that hindered the full implementation of this law.

A number of internal reviews of the Act were commissioned by the Council, and these identified the need for a comprehensive review of the Act.

Nursing services have evolved as health services and medical technology advanced; therefore, the law must now address the advent of new professional positions and cadres that have been introduced into the health system to support and complement the work of registered nurses.

Therefore, the developments in the nursing profession in Fiji must be recognized by law.
The Health Ministry and the Council will collaborate in undertaking thorough and extensive consultations with the public and focused consultations with key stakeholders.

The outcome of the review will be brought back to Cabinet for consideration.