Advocates demand respectful language for people with albinism

June 16, 2024 12:59 pm

People living with albinism have strongly advocated for the use of appropriate language to describe individuals with this rare genetic condition.

Pacific Disability Forum’s Manager, Inclusive Development, and a person living with albinism, Sainimili Tawake, say they continue to be stigmatized in society.

Tawake says they are still referred to with derogatory terms in society.

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“Well, for persons with albinism, many times, just because of the label, we are referred to as albinos or albino; these are wrong labels. We are not albino, or albinos, or albinos. We are people, or we are persons with albinism.”

Tawake says the disrespectful terms take away the dignity of people living with albinism and, therefore, stresses the necessity for extensive awareness on the issue.

Fiji Albinism Project’s founder, Doctor Margot Whitfeld, says that as albinism has no gender, age, or geographic boundaries, people have to accept individuals with the unique genetic condition.

People living with albinism have urged for support to address their challenges as they continue to advocate for their acceptance in society.