“Juvou ni Yakuilau” is among Bula FM's top 3 songs

January 1, 2024 11:58 am

Rupeni Tubuna

A love song between two lovers who both had their own share of challenges before their union, “Juvou ni Yakuilau” by Voqa kei Valenisau, sat at number two on the Bula FM Top 100 songs chart for 2023.

Lead singer Rupeni Tubuna says it came as a surprise when they were informed that the song was in the number two spot, but he is thankful to God for the talent and all those who have supported him, including another famous group, Waikatakata Vure.

The song was composed by Tubuna and Stee Seru, and it has been quite popular during grog sessions and social gatherings because of its deep meaning in the lyrics, which people sing along to not only locally but to Fijians living overseas as well.

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Voqa kei Valenisau is also the composer of the famous song “Nasi Dredre ga,” and they have been releasing and composing songs since 2015.

“I know a lot of people love that song because of the lyrics, and many are also going through the same challenge that is in the song. So I’m very thankful for the support throughout the year and for making that song popular within such a short period of time.”

Tubuna has also indicated that Fijians could expect more songs from the Voqa kei Valenisau this year.

Meanwhile, the top three songs for the 2023 Bula FM Top 100 songs countdown include:
1. Au taroga lo – Paradise Rootz
2. Juvou ni Yakuilau – Voqa kei Valenisau.
3. Oilei Naita – Jay Tauleka
4. Lei Lusi – Voqa ni Ua kei Cakau
5. Na noqu dina – Serau kei Mataniselala
6. Io – Inside Out