Ministry concerned with overdue rates

November 16, 2023 12:24 pm

The Ministry of Local Government remains concerned regarding rate arrears, with millions of dollars outstanding across all areas.

Permanent Secretary, Seema Sharma emphasizes overdue rates remains a significant worry.

She stresses that ratepayers need to understand that the overall functionality, improvement, and project developments rely on the funds that are still outstanding.

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Sharma adds that while established procedures are in effect, an amnesty period is in place, particularly for residential properties, during which accrued interest will be waived.

“But one thing ratepayers should realize is that once councils are able to earn enough revenue, they’re able to provide you with the services. So it’s a catch 22. We need to have the relevant finances in place before we’re able to provide additional services. So the basics are provided. But in order to improve those services and improve what your towns and cities rate, it is important.”

Sharma says the initiative is designed to encourage compliance and ease the burden on residents.