LTA affirms processes for addressing complaints

January 25, 2024 4:14 pm

The Land Transport Authority has emphasized its commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing public concerns, says LTA Media Liaison Officer Geraldine Panapasa.

Opposing misconceptions, Panapasa says all complaints whether received through traditional channels or on social media platforms undergo various verification and action processes.

She says that upon receiving a complaint, LTA ensures it is not just sitting in an inbox; it is carefully recorded, reviewed and forwarded to the relevant department.

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“We are urging them to come forward with verifiable details about anything they are complaining about, and requesting also that they be willing to provide a written statement, again this is all voluntary but we can say that this has had a huge impact in cracking down on the numbers, meaning eventually after the processes are verified; action is taken.”

Panapasa adds the complaints platform extends beyond emails and traditional channels, including texting (582), social media platforms, and even a live chat feature on their website.

Highlighting the importance of public participation in reporting issues such as speeding, drunk driving, and illegal parking, the Authority is encouraging members of the public to provide details proactively, as this collaborative effort helps crack down on lawbreakers, she says.

She emphasises that complaints are pivotal in refining their services, processes, and enforcement.

Panapasa states that the public’s complaints are acknowledged and actively contribute to shaping a more efficient and accountable organization.