Soaring Marama to premier tonight

April 12, 2024 4:45 pm

In a first of its kind here in Fiji, FBC TV will be airing the Soaring Marama program which will showcase the triumphs, challenges, enduring legacies, and remarkable achievements of women in Fijian sports

The program will highlight women with varied experiences, sharing their perspectives on reaching top levels in sports or their paths toward it.

Show host Leilani Burness stresses the significance of shedding light on the significant challenges that women encounter in sports.

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“It’s all about providing the spotlight into women in sports so we are looking at the journey of our athletes their inspiring stories and how they got involved in their respecting sports that they play in but we are also looking at telling the stories of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes and ofcourse our male allies out there aswell.”

Burness says that programs like this play a crucial role in initiating important conversations and fostering positive impacts.

She adds that statistics demonstrate how girls who start sports early often experience personal growth and succeed in various aspects of life.

The program will air at 7.30pm.