Priceless experience for Loganimasi

March 2, 2023 6:40 am

Ponipate Loganimasi experiencing the snow [Source: Fijian 7s]

There have been a few firsts for Ponipate Loganimasi in the past week.

He had his first flight before making his debut at the Los Angeles 7s last weekend.

Now the 23-year-old former Fiji LDS Church College student is in Vancouver, Canada where it’s snowing, something he’s never experienced.

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It was a nerve-racking outing for the Uluinakau captain who was one of the four debutants that impressed at the LA 7s, making the starting line-up in all of Fiji’s six games.

Loganimasi says it was a priceless experience.

“At first I was a little bit scared, I was nervous because of the environment, it’s a big stadium, a lot of new people, meeting the teams from other countries because I was watching them since I was small and to be part of the boys in the tournament, it’s been a privilege and I was happy.”

Loganimasi who joined Uluinakau rugby in 2021 says there is still a long way to go and he is learning the ropes from the senior players in the team in the likes of Jerry Tuwai and Tevita Daugunu.

Fiji is pooled with Kenya, Uruguay and Great Britain in the Vancouver 7s which starts on Friday with the women’s division

The national side will play on Saturday against Kenya at 7.52am, Uruguay at 2.16pm and Great Britain at 8.42am on Sunday.