Lami paddling club soars high

January 17, 2024 12:27 pm

It will be a dream come true for 15 young kids from settlements in Lami as they leave our shores to enhance their knowledge of paddling in Australia.

The Lami Paddling Club will be travelling for a two-week Paddle Camp.

Club President Talei Wilson says these young paddlers have been working hard to assist with their finances.

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She says they have been doing community work, like cutting grass around Lami and selling BBQ by the road side to raise funds for this tour.

“Like any sports, everything deals with money, and it’s a struggle. I know it’s a struggle because it’s going to be a struggle all the way through. Financially, it’s really hard unless we do fundraising. So the help, I would say I don’t get any help. The help I get is just from, um, the paddlers that I have collected so far. ”

Wilson says the club was established four years ago to reduce crimes in Lami and help paddlers unearth the skills and talent they have for paddling.

She also says the club has what it takes to represent the country on the international stage as they have very talented paddlers.

The team will be leaving the country tomorrow with the camp from the 18th to the 31st of this month.

Lami Club Paddlers was formed through an initiative by the Fiji Sports Commission.