VAR soon for OFC Competitions

January 24, 2024 6:37 am

[Source: OFC]

More thrilling and exciting days are expected ahead for all football enthusiasts in the Oceania region as plans to introduce Video Assistant Referees in OFC competitions have taken a significant step in New Zealand.

Five operators have been undergoing VAR training at the OFC Home of Football under the guidance of Lewis Watterson from Hawk-Eye.

Hawk-Eye’s technology has been globally used in football and other sports such as cricket, tennis, Aussie Rules, rugby league, and American sports for years.

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Watterson asserts that having video evidence is key to proving whether decisions are right or wrong.

VAR is expected to be operational for practice at OFC tournaments later this year, to implement VAR at competitions by 2025 in anticipation of the proposed OFC Pro League.

OFC Head of Refereeing Kevin Stoltenkamp says having VAR will benefit referees, players, and fans.

Stoltenkamp expresses that VAR will bring more excitement to the game and adds that this is just the first step of a long process.