Baby Kulas embodies ‘tabusoro spirit’

September 27, 2023 6:45 am

[Source: OFC/ Facebook]

The Digicel Baby Kulas strive to embody the ‘tabusoro’ spirit in all their games

Head coach Angeline Chua says this was evident in their recent 3-2 penalty victory against Tahiti in a thrilling semi-final match

‘Tabusoro’ translates to ‘never give up’ in English, and Chua emphasizes the importance of getting back up and completing the task at hand after every fall.

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“Tabusoro is a native term in Fiji and it means never give up in this context so yeah everybody knows Tabusoro in Fiji.”

[Source: OFC/ Facebook]

Chua says this will be put to the test today when they face New Zealand in the final of the OFC Under-16 Women’s Championship.

They meet at 4.45 p.m and you can watch the game live on FBC Sports.