Ali excited for first international bout

December 5, 2023 12:57 pm

Mohammed Ali

Late Joy Ali’s nephew, Mohammed Ali, is set to compete in his first international fight this weekend.

He will be facing Australian boxer, Shiva Mishra, in the 6×3 lightweight category.

Ali says this bout is a dream come true as he has been preparing diligently for this moment.

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He aims to achieve better results this time, as he was unsatisfied with his previous bouts.

Ali is prepared for whatever challenges his Australian opponent may present on fight night.

“As for my late fights, I know I’ve been down, but I’ve been training very hard for this fight. I know he’s also preparing, but I’ll give my best shot for him. ”

Additionally, having the fight in Nadi provides him with the advantage of home support.

The match will take place at the South Pacific Boxing Promotions on Saturday at Prince Charles Park.