Yatu Lau Arcade to undergo facelift

March 22, 2024 4:30 pm

The Yatu Lau Arcade in Suva

The iconic Yatu Lau Arcade in Suva is poised for a major facelift with an $8 million redevelopment project scheduled to commence on April 1st.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Deputy Chair of Yatu Lau Company, Meli Saubulinayau announced the forthcoming closure of the arcade for the next 60 weeks to facilitate construction.

Saubulinayau emphasized that the planned redevelopment aims to enhance the experience for both locals and tourists.

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“The redevelopment includes modernizing the facilities, enchanting the retail, dinning and other service options and creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for both the resident and tourist.”

Saubulinayau states that this development is essential and will bring significant benefits to Fijians in the future.

Chief Executive of Yatu Lau, Ana Delailomaloma reveals that most vendors and tenants have already vacated the arcade in anticipation of the redevelopment.

“Some of them have moved out, they have found places to go to and there are still some that are still here who will be moving out in the weekend, they have plans on where they will be moving to.”

Delailomaloma assured that current tenants would have the opportunity to reapply once the arcade’s refurbishment is complete with the iconic building reopening in phases.