Women can be agents of growth: Tabuya

February 9, 2024 3:50 pm

Today, 156 women graduated from the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs program, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their entrepreneurial journey.

Minister for Women Lynda Tabuya commended these graduates, expressing gratitude for the program’s role in shaping them as agents for economic growth.

They represent the fourth cohort of the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs since its inception in 2020.

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The Minister for Women highlights that such kinds of programs must be supported which allows women to reach great potential.

“The AWE program is an initiative that must be supported and encouraged because this training provides us women the access and equal opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs.”

Tabuya says that the AWE program provides an opportunity to create new networks and further their ventures.

This academy for women’s program is a unique program that provides women entrepreneurs with the opportunity with the skills, resources and networks needed to start and grow successful business ventures.

US Ambassador to Fiji Marie Damour congratulated these women on their achievement and courage to venture into business.

Damour says that these programs give women entrepreneurs the chance to explore their creativity and create new possibilities for their communities.

Since 2020, about 500 women have been assisted and mentored under this program.
This year’s cohort is the largest batch to graduate from the AWE program.