Vendors plead for a market in Seaqaqa

June 3, 2023 4:34 pm

Vendors selling their produce at stalls on a private property

Vendors in Seaqaqa are pleading for a market to be established in the area.

The vendors have been selling their produce at stalls on a private property, which is owned by businessman Hasim Khan operating Seaqaqa Shopping Center.

Businessman, Bobby Khan highlighted this issue at the 2023-2024 National Budget consultation that was held in Seaqaqa yesterday.

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Khan says they have been appealing to the government over the last 20 years at least, for a market to be constructed in the area but no action has been taken.

“So, all the people are frustrated … they do not have a proper place to sell, even the buses are parked on the main way and people keep on running – it is a health hazard and people can get into an accident.”

Khan claims that a piece of land has been allocated for the establishment of a market, but no action has been taken by the government over the past years.

He suggests that if the government has acquired a piece of land, the people can fund the construction of a market and carry out other developments in Seaqaqa.

Khan says little to no development has taken place in Seaqaqa despite allocations in the national budget by previous governments.

He hopes the People’s Coalition Government will act on the vendor’s plea.

Minister for Finance, Biman Prasad assured the vendors that they will first improve the condition of the stalls before they work on the establishment of a market.

The 2023-2024 National Budget consultation in the Northern Division continues this weekend.