USAID commends Fiji’s progress in democracy

June 14, 2024 4:12 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Fiji has achieved a milestone, by joining the United States Agency for International Development’s Democracy Delivers Initiative.

The initiative aims to provide support for a selection of democratic countries, by mobilizing resources to help implement and expand their agenda for reform.

USAID Administrator, Samantha Power says Fiji has achieved a significant progress in democracy, evident in its recent peaceful transition of power, in an era in which democratic backsliding is a common occurrence worldwide.

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Power says USAID will provide support in areas of priority for the Government of Fiji.

“The United States recognizes the importance of this moment. We are here to listen, to partner, and to help the people and government of Fiji deliver on their vision for an increasingly inclusive, peaceful, and participatory democracy.”

Power says the support includes assistance in municipal council elections that increases women’s participation as voters and candidates in politics, and expanding access to the electoral process for people living with disabilities.

It also assists Fijian farmers improve the cultivation of various fruits and vegetables, ensuring that people have access to locally grown nutritious food.

She says they will also assist in the collection of waste to safeguard the environment.

Power says they have witnessed Fiji’s continued commitment to democratic principles, which has meaningful benefits for the lives of many Fijians.

Fiji is one of the ten countries supported by the USAID’s Democracy Delivers Initiative, enabling the government to deliver on issues that matter the most to Fijians.

The support will help Fiji cement its recent advancement in democracy.