Two restaurants in Labasa shut down for non-compliance

March 22, 2024 8:55 am

Two restaurants in Labasa Town are closed due to non-compliance issues identified by Ministry of Health officials.

Divisional Health Inspector North Vakaruru Cavuilati says that the restaurant has breached a few compliances under the food safety regulations and the Food Safety Act, including the food preparation area and food storage condition.

He says that last week, they did a surveillance with the Labasa town council regarding restaurant grading, and both restaurants have been graded D, which needs immediate closure under grading regulations.

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“This is a stern warning to other restaurants that they must comply with the Food Safety Act and food safety regulations because we are dealing with people’s lives. There have been numerous cases of food poisoning happening around the northern division. So this is one of the steps we take in terms of keeping people safe when they consume food from restaurants or any food establishment. They are consuming safe and delicious food.”

Cavuilati says that the Health Ministry will continue with the inspections of all restaurants and food establishments within the Labasa Town Council territory, and they will enforce the law on those who are non-compliant.

According to the grading system, if it’s a grade D, it means immediate closure, whereas grades B and C are given 24-hour notice for the restaurant to rectify, and if they need time, they can write to the Ministry of Health for more time to rectify issues that have been identified.

Meanwhile, both restaurants can only be opened if they have improved or addressed the defects, and a different authorized health officer will inspect them before deciding.