Training for sustainable agriculture and food security

January 17, 2024 6:35 am

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways Fiji/ Facebook]

Government officials and participants from Australia and neighboring Pacific countries have gathered in Fiji for a week-long training program aimed at addressing food security, ending hunger, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

The event, organized by non-government organization Live and Learn Pacific Network, has brought together representatives to discuss challenges, share successful strategies, and work towards a zero-hunger Pacific.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Waterways Tomasi Tunabuna highlighted during the training the role of agriculture in the Pacific economies, acknowledging its contribution to Fiji’s GDP and the livelihoods of 80 percent of its population.

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[Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways Fiji/ Facebook]

Tunabuna underscored the pressing issues facing the Pacific islands, such as natural disasters, climate change, and the loss of traditional knowledge, leading to food loss and waste.

He cited statistics showing that the Asia and Pacific region faces significant challenges, with food losses ranging from 20 to 21 percent.

The address emphasized the need for a collaborative approach to combating food loss and waste, recognizing its impact on food security, nutrition, and the environment.

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways Fiji/ Facebook]

Tunabuna praised the efforts of Live and Learn Pacific Network in providing a platform for Pacific Island nations to work together to find sustainable solutions.

He also stressed the importance of good governance and shared various policies developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways to support various programs, including the Gender in Agriculture Policy, Youth in Agriculture Policy, and Food and Nutrition Security Policy.