Climate Change

Traditional knowledge can empower climate change fight

June 9, 2024 12:11 pm

Traditional knowledge can empower women in the fight against climate change and conservation efforts.

This insight was emphasized by Alumita Sekinairai, President of iTaukei Women in Conservation, during the World Oceans Talanoa youth session in Suva.

Sekinairai noted that women serve as custodians of traditional wisdom, passing down essential knowledge from one generation to the next.

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Sekinairai believes women signify great leadership amidst challenges.

“Raising the voices of women, being there as a woman signifies that women have a safe space to talk. They have the space to lead as well. Not only nurturing their children at home, but also a way of them taking up the projects, leading the projects in a way of conserving our environment, and challenging as well.”

Sekinairai states that the elders should also recognize the importance of passing knowledge to assist the younger generation in their fight against climate adversities.

The iTaukei Women in conservation states that as we face growing challenges of climate change, traditional knowledge offers a wealth of wisdom and sustainable practices that can guide us towards a resilient future.