Tavua Town the same 50 years ago

January 17, 2024 12:36 pm

Tavua Town Council Chief Executive Sailosi Sawana has expressed serious concerns about the town’s developmental stagnation.

Sawana reveals the town’s landscape over the past 50 years has not changed that much.

During Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad’s visit last week, Sawana presented a compelling visual narrative comparing a photograph of the Gold Town taken in 1973 with a recent one, highlighting unsettling similarities.

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“We’ve got gold here, Fiji Water and Island Chill here so comparing that with the investments in Tavua, the town is still the same.”

He emphasizes the need for increased investments to enhance the overall living conditions for the residents and to attract further economic opportunities.

Responding to the concerns, the Deputy Prime Minister stresses the importance of balanced development, ensuring that economic prosperity is reflected in the infrastructure and overall well-being of the community.