Tabuya acknowledge Ba women

May 20, 2024 7:00 am

Minister for Women, Lynda Tabuya, officiated alongside the United States Ambassador to Fiji, Marie Damour, for the graduation ceremony of 150 women who successfully completed capacity-building training provided by the Ba Women’s Forum.

The event marked a significant milestone in the empowerment of women in the Province of Ba, as these graduates now possess skills and knowledge that are practical and marketable and also have the potential to empower them to be agents of change.

Tabuya commends the dedication and hard work of the graduates, emphasizing the importance of investing in women to earn an income because they are more likely to reinvest those earnings in their businesses and their families.

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Tabuya acknowledged the tremendous work being done by the Ba Women’s Forum in the space of the empowerment of women, with the ceremony being a testament to the commitment of the team at the Ba Women’s Forum.

The training provides women and youths with a wide range of valuable skills, including basic and advanced tailoring, caregiving, computing, baking, and cooking; arts and crafts; flower arrangement; fabric arts; cement pot making; jewellery making; as well as jam and pickles making.