Suki consumption on the rise despite health risks

May 28, 2024 12:45 pm

The Consumer Council has released a report today highlighting concerning trends in local tobacco or suki use in the country.

The report titled “Smoke Signal: Understanding the Drivers of Suki Consumption in Fiji reveals that there is a misconception among users that suki is less harmful than commercially manufactured cigarettes.

The research, conducted with 500 participants, revealed a significant rise in suki consumption in recent years.

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It says nearly 46 percent of those surveyed reported starting to use suki within the last three years.

Affordability and accessibility were identified as the primary drivers, with suki being significantly cheaper than cigarettes.

The report further states that 53 percent consume suki daily, 21 percent consume suki weekly and 26 percent consume suki occasionally, often coinciding with kava consumption

It says the cost-effectiveness of suki is another factor contributing to its popularity.

The report indicates that 41percent of users purchase suki for $1, 30 percent purchase suki for $1.50 and 29 percent purchase suki for $2

It says these prices are considerably lower than commercially available cigarettes, and users report that suki lasts them longer.

The report also reveals that 82 percent of suki users acquire it from unregulated markets.