SODELPA divided on appointment, Tuiteci walks out

April 20, 2024 12:06 pm

President of the SODELPA Ba West, Seremaia Tuiteci

The Social Democratic Liberal Party is divided as Aseri Radrodro is due to be endorsed as its new leader at the party’s annual general meeting today.

As over 100 supporters gather in Suva, the SODELPA Ba West members have rallied to show dissatisfaction over Radrodro’s appointment.

President of the SODELPA Ba West, Seremaia Tuiteci, says they still recognize Viliame Gavoka as the party leader.

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Tuiteci says they sent a resolution on Thursday to the SODELPA Board stating their continuous support for Gavoka.

Meanwhile, Tuiteci has walked out of the AGM.

Tuiteci says the party did not follow the proper agenda as they moved the appointment of the party leader topic to number one as it was to be discussed towards the conclusion.

He also expressed disappointment, claiming that proper procedures are not being followed.

Tuiteci claims that SODELA is fond of changing their regulations as to who they want to appoint as their leader.

The SODELPA member told FBC News he had raised his concern in the meeting before walking out.