Ruling on release of Grace Road President shifted

February 16, 2024 6:45 am

The highly anticipated ruling on the release of Grace Road President Daniel Kim from immigration detention has been postponed until next week.

Justice Anare Tuilevuka, presiding over the proceedings, deferred the decision today, citing ongoing commitments to other matters.

Justice Tuilevuka informed the counsels that he was not prepared to deliver the ruling as scheduled.

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Grace Road representative Ronald Gordon also pleaded for the prompt delivery of the ruling, highlighting the prolonged detention of his clients.

However, Justice Tuilevuka assured the lawyers that the ruling would be given next Tuesday.

Aside from the delay in the release ruling, substantive discussions unfolded concerning the State’s application to appeal leave on the judiciary review.

Time was allocated for Gordon to formulate a response, reflecting the complexity and significance of the legal proceedings.