Rayalu urges immediate funding action

April 15, 2024 3:11 pm

Municipalities currently do not have a budget for clearing and maintaining drains.

This was highlighted by Minister for Agriculture and Waterways Vatimi Rayalu while delivering his ministerial statement in parliament today.

Rayalu says his Ministry will work closely with the Local Government Ministry to accommodate this under the current budget.

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He adds they will consult on future budgeting with the Local Government Ministry for the maintenance of drains in their cities and towns.

“There are also main drains connected to drains that fall under the jurisdiction of the Fiji Roads Authority, which are also in need of timely maintenance and clearing to ensure necessary water flow.”

Rayalu says they are working with FRA to identify drains and work with them to ensure drains are cleared in a timely manner.

The Ministry has re-established the drainage board and has appointed the board members, which comprise the chair, secretary, and engineer from the waterways division.