Rayalu highlights importance of Drainage Board

May 17, 2024 6:29 am

Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu emphasizes the importance of the recently re-established Drainage Board in safeguarding agricultural landscapes.

He acknowledges the neglect of designated main drains in both non-sugarcane and sugarcane farms, which has resulted in decreased agricultural productivity over the years.

Rayalu recounts his visit to the Sorokoba flats, where he witnessed the devastating effects of seawater intrusion due to neglected floodgates.

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“The flaps have fallen into the water, and it has been like that for the last eight years. And it was promised by my predecessor to be fixed, but you can ask him whether he did it or not. These drains have been neglected for a number of years.”

The re-establishment of the Drainage Board presents an opportunity for farmers to improve farm production through better drainage and enhanced soil fertility.

However, Rayalu stresses that this alone will not solve all agricultural challenges, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to address broader issues in the sector.

By working together, Rayalu believes that farmers and relevant authorities can effectively tackle agricultural challenges and ensure the sustainability and productivity of farmland in Fiji.