Radrodro spills new information

March 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Government Member of Parliament Aseri Radrodro.

Ousted Minister for Education Aseri Radrodro spilled new information on the floor of Parliament today regarding his handling of the Fiji National University matter, which ultimately led to his removal from his portfolio.

Radrodro openly shared the challenges his leadership and office faced when making changes to the membership of the FNU Council.

The government backbencher revealed that FNU was on the brink of crisis as threats of industrial action were mounting.

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“I wish to briefly share that there has been a lot of odd said over the Fiji National University saga that embroiled my leadership. Very little has been said about the challenges faced by the Office of the Minister of Education during that period to handle the imminent threat of a strike or protest by teachers and students at the University which had been brought to my attention over the various challenges that were at the heart of the FNU Council and its leadership at the time.”

Radrodro justified the action he took asserting it was necessary.

“If there was one thing I was certain Mr. Speaker it was that my job was to protect the stability of the coalition government and the stability of our economic environment where adverse publicity and instability means the ruling government will be held responsible for its inability to show leadership and resolve potentially destructive incidents.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, who deemed Radrodro’s actions insubordination and removed him from the cabinet, says he takes the former minister’s statement on board.

“We take note of what all the members contribute in their contribution and we will act accordingly.”

The Prime Minister had earlier stated that Radrodro is no longer a member of his cabinet, however, he will continue to be involved in certain areas of governance.