Push for MSME education in schools

April 16, 2024 12:07 pm

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade Manoa Kamikamica says the government is pushing for micro, small, and medium enterprise education at secondary and tertiary levels to create young entrepreneurs.

Kamikamica says the purpose is to educate the youth and equip them with knowledge of business management.

“This has never been done is to enshrine within the education system both at the secondary level and tertiary level MSME entrepreneurial education. So we don’t start building our entrepreneurs at 30 or retirement; we start at a very young age.”

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Kamikamica says actions taken by individuals in the MSME sector is already exciting and the plan will enhance the progress even further.

He adds that this plan aligns with the MSME’s 5-year strategic plan aimed at maximizing the MSME’s contribution to the economy.