Punjas taking over Mobil

December 5, 2023 7:01 pm

Petro Oceania, a business owned by Punjas and Sons Pte Ltd. and Gecko Trucking Ltd., has made a significant move by taking over the operation of ExxonMobil in the country.

This has been confirmed in a statement by ExxonMobil stating that Petro Oceania will be taking over the operation of its in-country assets, including retail sites and terminals, as well as commercial arrangements, including with your business.

It adds that ExxonMobil will still play a key role in Fiji, as they have struck long-term agreements to provide a reliable supply of Mobil-quality fuels from their Singapore refinery and other locations.

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Mobil says under this new operating model, both businesses will thrive and continue to deliver quality fuels to Fiji.

It says that regarding the transaction, several conditions are necessary for it to be completed, which can take up to 12 months.

Mobil says that in the meantime, they will continue to operate the business.