PRB urges financial discipline by tenants

February 28, 2024 6:18 am

[File Photo]

People living in Public Rental Board properties need to have the financial discipline that will allow them to own their own homes.

Public Rental Board General Manager Timoci Naleba emphasized that PRB is not meant for long-term tenancy but to help low-income owners save and move out so others can be assisted.

Naleba says families earning a combined income of $30,000, which is the threshold for tenancy, should very much be able to save up enough to invest in their property.

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The general manager, however, says this comes with great responsibility.

“For those earning $30,000, they should be able to save enough, given that they have the discipline to be able to do that. There are other families that are able to do that. All those that are not living in rental flats, and these are the feedbacks that I get from banks, those that applied for home loans, most of them are $30,000 and below, but it’s important to note that they should have the discipline to be able to save.”

Naleba pleads with those in PRB to cut down on unnecessary expenses and invest more in their properties.

Some families in PRB flats rent for $15, $25, or $50, while others rent for $99 and $115 a week.

He stresses that there are more than 200 applicants on the waiting list.

Naleba says PRB understands that the number of people wanting proper homes, according to a survey in 2017, could be more than 600, adding that this number has significantly increased over the years.