Prasad dismisses cabinet reshuffle rumours

June 5, 2023 10:15 am

[File Photo]

The Finance Minister has dismissed speculations surrounding a cabinet reshuffle and also plans to reduce the ministerial portfolios.

There are currently 29 ministerial portfolios.

Addressing concerns circulating within the public, Professor Biman Prasad urged Fijians to rely on verified information rather than rumours.

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Prof Prasad states that while the government has previously announced its intention to reduce travel allowances for the Prime Minister, ministers, and Members of Parliament, no official statement has been made regarding a cabinet reshuffle.

This clarification was reiterated by the Deputy Prime Minister during a budget consultation held in Labasa.

Meanwhile, Professor Biman Prasad emphasized the imperative need to bolster divisional planning offices in various divisions, recognizing it as a crucial step toward achieving efficient solutions.

Through the feedback received during the consultation process, he says that it became evident that many long-standing issues could be effectively resolved.

This, he adds, indicated that resolving these problems was not solely a matter of funding, but also required a transformation in the culture of centralized control.

Despite the inability to physically reach every corner of the nation during the consultation process, a comprehensive sample of concerns and perspectives from various sectors was gathered.

Prof Prasad stressed the value of this insight, emphasizing its potential to inform the formulation of policies that effectively address the identified issues.