Police force to increase visibility on streets

May 31, 2023 7:08 am

Director of Operations, SSP Kasiano Vusonilawe, has agreed there may have been some laxity on their part, but this will now change.

His comments come as there has been an increase in pick-pocketing, car break-ins, grab-and-runs, and even intimidation from would-be suspects at busy corners in towns and cities, including major shopping malls.

SSP Vusonilawe confirms that at any given time, there are 15 uniformed officers patrolling the Central Business District on an eight-hour shift.

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He adds that this does not include those in civilian clothing.

“We are apologizing on behalf of the Fiji Police, but we are confirming to the public out there that we will address the issue now and then. We will deploy more officers on the streets in uniforms just to give the public out there the safety that we are out there for them.”

SSP Vusonilawe says lately the graduates from the Fiji Police Academy have also joined their patrol team, strengthening their operation.

As of last night, the officers from the Police Mobile Unit are providing additional support to the Southern and Central Division teams as well.

SSP Vusonilawe has revealed that, starting tomorrow, the Force will beef up its operations similar to the festive season operations for the next two months.