Pay your dues says TLTB Chief

February 5, 2024 12:54 pm

[File Photo]

iTaukei Land Trust Board Chief Executive Solomoni Nata is urging the lessees to update their payments, emphasizing that court proceedings are still on the table for failure to comply.

This as the Trust Fund is owed $27 million in lease arrears as of January, 2024.

Nata emphasizes the operations of TLTB depend on these payments, urging lessees to fulfil their obligations.

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“The leases currently in default include those related to business, farming, and housing. So we continue to ask them to pay their dues to help us. We are encouraging lessees to prioritize their lease payments or engage in discussions to make suitable arrangements for fulfilling their financial commitments.”

iTaukei Land Trust Board Chief Executive Solomoni Nata

Nata says that consistently following up with lessees in default is both time-consuming and costly.

According to the TLTB Chief Executive, the approaches they are adopting are solely aimed at addressing the outstanding amounts, supporting TLTB’s financial sustainability, and ensuring a fair and transparent process for all stakeholders involved in land leases.