Partnership focuses on female leadership in policing

March 7, 2023 12:54 pm

[Source: Fiji Police Force]

The Fiji Police Force is partnering with the Pacific Faculty of Policing to enhance gender equity in the Pacific’s policing sector.

Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew says this is through face-to-face leadership training amongst other programs.

Chew adds that creating an open space for women to engage in policy framing is a prerequisite to addressing gender inequity.

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“We cannot be talking about the implementation of strategies and policies of being an organization free of bias and discrimination to the very group that are impacted by the bias, inequity and discrimination.”

Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew. [Source: Fiji Police Force]

Chew says policing is a male-dominated profession but the force is making progress in creating a conducive environment for female leadership to thrive.

“During my tenure as the Acting Commissioner of Police I want to address a matter of equity and equality in a holistic manner.”

[Source: Fiji Police Force]

Approximately 30 female agents in the policing sector are participating in a three-day International Women’s Day leadership program in Suva.

[Source: Fiji Police Force]