Open the second prison:  Soqonakalou

May 29, 2024 6:24 am

The Fiji Correction Services is urging the public to support them in the rehabilitation of offenders.

According to the Director of Rehabilitation Waisale Soqonakalou, people still find it hard to accept those who are released from incarceration, even with the numerous yellow ribbon initiatives and awareness programs undertaken by FCS.

Soqonakalou says that the Yellow Ribbon program has identified two prisons. One is the physical prison, and the other is the psychological prison.

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“But the major challenge for us is to open the psychological prison, which is outside the community. The community itself is a wall to that prison. So the community holds the key to that prison.”

Soqonakalou emphasizes that FCS is now depending on the community to stand up and collaborate with them, as they are also playing a critical role in the rehabilitation of offenders.

The rehabilitation director believes that FCS’s rehabilitation will be worthless if the community continues to lock up the second prison.

Soqonakalou reiterates that FCS needs the support of the community, the church, the families, and the community at large to support this worthy cause.