Officers encouraged to rebuild trust this Easter

March 29, 2024 4:43 pm

Fiji Police Force Chief Commissioner Juke Fong Chew delivered a reminder to his officers during the Force’s Easter Service about their commitment to service and accountability.

He emphasized the importance of redeeming and rebuilding trust within the institution to restore the blue culture.

Commissioner Chew highlighted the significance of continuing the good work and stressed the importance of accountability for their actions.

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He also drew parallels between Easter and the principles of hope and redemption, urging officers to reflect on their own lives and conduct their work ethically.

“Easter is the spiritual sense, is the time that we can die to our old ways of living and resurrect into our new lives. Officers reflect on our own lives and conduct of our work, I ask these of you. Are you still loyal to your code of ethics and the oath of service? But from my perspective as the head of the organization, I want to remind us all of our allegiance to service.”

The Republic of the Fiji Military Forces also held their Easter Service and speaking on behalf of the Commander RFMF, Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Biudole emphasized the important role the RFMF is playing in the safety and security of the nation.

The Forces highlighted the need for its personnel to remember the lessons of Easter which is believed to transcend all including the celebration of light over darkness, life over death and the triumph of God’s love for humanity.