New Zealand invests $7.5million in Fiji’s economy

June 8, 2024 12:22 pm

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has pledged a significant $7.5 million investment aimed at strengthening Fiji’s economic policies and opportunities.

Speaking with FBC News, Luxon emphasized the importance of economic collaboration between the two countries, highlighting the mutual benefits of such investments.

Luxon pointed to successful New Zealand business ventures in Fiji as exemplary models of economic cooperation.

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“We are seeing some great examples where we’ve got New Zealand businesses investing in Fiji, like Tower, where there’s 300 local hires of really well-educated Fijians doing an exceptionally good job. It’s just truly world-class and they’re then providing those services out to the rest of the world.”

The NZ Prime Minister notes the potential of the business processing outsource (BPO) sector and other industries such as horticulture.

“We’ve made investments in horticulture so that we can actually develop the sector here and export Fijian produce out to New Zealand and out to the world. We are very interested in making sure that we get the balance right, and I think we have been doing that well.”

Prime Minister Luxon’s visit highlights New Zealand’s commitment to promoting economic growth and partnership in Fiji, aiming for long-term, sustainable development that benefits both nations.