Natural Disaster

Yasawa Islands on alert

January 25, 2024 10:11 pm

The Yasawa Islands particularly Soso in Naviti are experiencing an escalation in wind speeds since 5 pm today.

This change in weather conditions is attributed to the transformation of a low-pressure system into Tropical Disturbance 04F around mid-day.

Asenaca Ratudradra, a resident of Soso village reports heavy rainfall throughout the morning.

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The 66-year-old villager states that the community has been closely monitoring the hourly weather advisories.

If the situation demands, they are prepared to relocate to the designated evacuation center for safety.

Ratudradra mentions the observation of heavy swells this afternoon indicating the intensification of weather patterns.

The community remains vigilant and is ready to take necessary precautions in response to the evolving weather situation.