Natural Disaster

Flooding leaves Ba Town with potholes

March 19, 2024 10:12 am

The recent flooding of the Western Division has once again brought to light the longstanding issue of infrastructure vulnerability in Ba Town.

The Council Special Administrators Chair, Moshim Khan highlights deep concern over the extensive damage caused to roads in the town’s vicinity due to the floodwaters.

Khan states that the flooding resulted in the creation of many potholes, posing a significant challenge for local authorities.

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He says despite the town being back to full operation, the afterm-ath of the floods has left the community grappling with familiar issues that have plagued them for decades.

“A lot of issues of the drainage, because of the drainage, this flood occurs. If there was a proper drainage, it wouldn’t have that much damages. Looking at this Yalalevu area, we have been liaising with FRA regarding this from years ago, but they’re not doing anything. So drainage is one major problem. The other one is the Ba River needs to be dredged. That is something that needs to be done ASAP.”

Khan says a few areas of the town will need to be cleaned tonight.

However, he adds that they are also still cautious of the weather patterns.