Naqarawai village suspension bridge restored

March 1, 2024 12:12 pm

The children and villagers of Naqarawai in Namosi will no longer have to use an unsafe bridge and use bamboo rafts to cross a river.

This as the restoration work of more than $50, 000 have been completed on their suspension bridge.

The funding for the project was provided by China.

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Minister for Local Government Maciu Nalumisa says a lot of work has been put into finding avenues to fund the bridge’s repair.

Work on the bridge began on February 12th and was completed within seven days.

Nalumisa commended the community’s commitment to the project, highlighting the involvement of village men and youths who willingly took on the challenge.

Constructed in 1996 and completed in November 1997, the 28-year-old Naqarawai Suspension bridge underwent maintenance in 2014 by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces engineers.

The cost of the bridge at the time was over $83, 000 and was funded by the Government of Japan.