Nadi Airport Taxi Association seeks fare review

March 7, 2024 7:08 am

[File Photo]

The Nadi Airport Taxi Association will put in a new submission for a review of taxi fares following a meeting with the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission last week.

According to President Vikash Chand, the last review of airport taxi fares occurred fifteen years ago, and there hasn’t been an increase since.

He clarified that the previous administration granted the association an interim increase to their flag fall, which they did not request.

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Chand says they are working on another submission.

“We should be done before Friday this week. There should be a fare which they have been on discussing with the meeting last week and upon our request for the $7 to remain. We have to make a re-submission “

Chand is hopeful that a decision will be made soon.

“We have full faith in FCCC because they have considered our operation as separate from other taxis. They have understood our operations and they have assured that upon our submissions they have assured that there should be a fare increase.”

Meanwhile, in a press conference last week, FCCC Chief Executive, Joel Abraham says had stated that they were in the process of reviewing taxi fares for Nadi Airport Taxis.

He had also said that they had communicated the first draft to Nadi Airport taxis.

The CEO has however expressed disappointment that the Fiji Taxi Association and the Cabbies Union have not provided submissions to FCCC.

He says that they will not pass the burden of the increased cost of transportation until they do their due diligence.