Nabua youths focus on employment opportunities

March 1, 2024 4:53 pm

The street brawls were a major concern for the communities in Nabua but now their youths are shifting focus to employment opportunities.

In partnership with Pacific PolyTechnic College, the government and the Nabua Methodist Church devised a eight week joinery training for these youths some of whom are school dropouts and ex-convicts.

While officiating at the graduation the Attorney General empowered these youths the importance of their skills which can improve their lives as well as their families as some of them are school dropouts and ex-convicts.

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The Attorney General expressed his appreciation in providing this initative to help these young men.

Turaga adds the that these training is only meaningful if they are practical in the long run.

“I will lead my best endeavors to assist only then your training will materialize become meaningful when you use your skills in a practical way.”

The Director of Polytechnic College director Peni Taoi acknowledges the supports provided by government to upskill these individuals.

“We sincerely thank the the government for its support for pacific polytech. Thank you very much sir for providing us with the funding, the resources on how best we can be able to move forward with this.”

These 19 youths have been given a second chance at life. They hope that they will be able to to make the most of this opportunity to better their lives and make a meaningful contribute to their communities.